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Steve Vigar Designs is featured as chess sets for the discerning individual.
Black Card Magazine is sent to only holders of Visa Black Credit Cards.
(Winter 2013 Issue)
Steve Vigar Designs is featured in Worth Magazine.
Worth magazine caters to an affluent audience around the country. this issue was put together as a bespoke goods to show how beautiful things are made and who the people that are making them are.

Thank you to Worth Magazine and Daisy Prince for the recognition.
(Feb - Mar 2012 Issue- www.worth.com)
Steve Vigarís Architecture Inspired Home Accessories
When a man entirely dedicates himself a whole life to one passion, then he really can even manage to stun a whole market with his ambitioned accomplishments.
Gotta See It: Steve Vigar Designs
There has been one product of late that has been the conversation piece of the store, and it's a product that you really have to see in person to truly appreciate it. It is a chess set from Steve Vigar Designs.
(Feb. 16, 2009 - www.onthefly.com)